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Volunteer with Helping Hands Pantry

(SAN BERNARDINO – Helping Hands Pantry) Make a contribution to your community by volunteering at the Helping Hands Pantry, a food distribution center for the needy.

By Amanda Elmer (Videographer/Photographer) & Vanessa Looney (Photographer/Producer/Editor/Writer)

Margarita Saldivar gives her free time to volunteer for Helping Hands Pantry. “I always like to do things for the people in my community,” said Saldivar. “I have a passion to help others.”  She has been volunteering for two years.

There was a time in Saldivar’s life when she was in need and Helping Hands Pantry provided the resources to help her and her family get by. She then decided to give back by volunteering.

The different tasks that a volunteer can take part in at Helping Hands Pantry are bagging groceries, working in the factory where donated food is stored, driving the truck that transfers the food from the factory to the distribution center, or working the front desk as Saldivar does.

The front desk is in charge of getting the information of the individuals that come in to pick up food for themselves and their family. This information determines how much donation is necessary for the needy.

There is a variety of food that is donated to the center such as bread, fruits and vegetables. Donation of food is always welcome.

There are no requirements needed to volunteer at Helping Hands Pantry. “They just have to have a heart for others and give a little bit of their time,” said Hope Olague, who is the manager of Helping Hands Pantry.

Olague became aware of the center after a friend had asked Olague for a ride to Helping Hands Pantry. Olague saw what the center provided which made her decide to do her part for the community.

For more information on Helping Hands Pantry and how to become a volunteer, you can go to the center’s website at helpinghandspantry.org and click on the volunteer tab.  You can also call the center at 909-796-4222.

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