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Beautification: SB Police Department

(SAN BERNARDINO – 17th and E St.) The San Bernardino Police Department participated in the city’s beautification series April 14 on West 17 Street.

By Melissa Benton (Producer/Videographer), Laura Paredes (Producer/Videographer), Katelyn Eaton (Editor) & Andrea Brandstetter (Writer)

Lt. Paul Williams, several community affairs officers and a volunteer unit helped plant two Crapemyrtle trees in open planters along the area of Ward 2.

CAPs students from San Bernardino High School were also in attendance to aid in the effort.

“This is our first time actually out here. We joined into a partnership with the high school recently [to help] officers get to know the students and the students get to know [the officers], [what they] do and vice versa,” said Williams.

He noted how proud he was to participate in the project along with the students.

“It’s an honor to say that we are part of this community. We’re [all] stakeholders. These children, students, young adults in the future are going to drive by here and say ‘I planted that tree,’” reflected Williams.

He continued by encouraging residents to give back to the city by participating in future events such as this one.

“If you have that desire … take that step and get connected. Understand that we owe part of our lives to this city. It’s [about] the opportunity to give back a little to a city that has a great history of giving.”

For more information about this event, contact Lt. Paul Williams at 909-561-9214.

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