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Beautification: The Rainbolt Family

(SAN BERNARDINO- Bailey’s Bluebird Trail)┬áSan Bernardino’s Beautification Partnership Day was on Saturday, April 14.

By MaryRone Shell (Producer), Amanda Elmer (Producer/Videographer), Melissa Benton (Producer/Editor/Production Assistant), David Abry (Videographer), David Medrano (Production Assistant) and Jose Buenrostro (Production Assistant)

Religious affiliated organizations, neighborhoods, groups and people of all ages participated in this city-wide clean-up. Bailey’s Bluebird Trail was one of the areas that received a dedicated clean-up by the Rainbolt family.

Bill and Kathi Rainbolt are both third generation San Bernardino residents. They believe in the community of San Bernardino and wish to see it thrive.

“We grew up in San Bernardino. Listened to that Santa Fe whistle. We’d wake up to that over the years, and the smell of the orange blossoms. We want to preserve San Bernardino. We love San Bernardino. We’re dedicated and devoted to it,” said Kathi Rainbolt.

The Rainbolts decided to be a part of the Beautification Partnership Day to get their neighborhood involved. Their goal was to get their elderly neighbors out and work on a project together.

Both Kathi and Bill’s parents, Bill and Beverly Bird and Bill and Beverly Rainbolt, respectively, owned local businesses in San Bernardino. Bill and Beverly Bird still own and operate Bird Refridgeration. Bill and Beverly Rainbolt owned The Mediterranean, a popular restaurant in it’s day.

Bill and Kathi have lived at the same house in San Bernardino for over 30 years. Bill used to teach at Cajon High School, coached golf and football and umpired for girl’s fast pitch.

“We’re not leaving. We’re staying. We’re dedicated to getting San Bernardino back to where it was,” said Kathi Rainbolt.

The Rainbolts are currently in the process of trying to adopt Bailey’s Bluebird Trail.

To visit Bailey’s Bluebird Trail, go to the corner of Pepper Tree Lane and E. Marshall Blvd, right up to the Arrowhead Country Club.

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  1. bill rainbolt
    Posted May 2, 2012 at 11:42 am | #

    Missed deeply but NEVER FORGOTTEN!!!!!!!! Thanks mom and dad for keeping our son’s memory alive.HE SHOWED US MORE LOVE THAN WE COULD EVER DREAM OF!!!!!!I MISS YOU Bailey but i know your with jesus and that makes me happy!!!!
    thanks again mom and dad
    love mom,dad,liberty and weston

    • MaryRone Shell
      Posted May 2, 2012 at 12:21 pm | #

      Thank YOU Bill! I’m glad you liked it. And a big big thanks to Kathi & Bill for sharing your story with us.

  2. Elsa Hernandez
    Posted May 2, 2012 at 7:41 pm | #

    Thank you for inviting us. We were honored to be part of this event. Everyone in he community loves Bailey’s Blue Bird Trail!

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