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Art gallery unveiled at Orange Show

(SAN BERNARDINO – The National Orange Show) Thursday, Jan. 19 was the grand opening of the The National Orange Show Art Gallery in San Bernardino.

By Vanessa Looney(Editor/Producer/Videographer/Writer) & Amanda Elmer (Photographer/Videographer)

Paintings and sculptures shown in the venue were all part of The Orange Show’s permanent collection dating back from 1949, that have been either misplaced or lost. This collection has been inspired by the San Bernardino Art Association.

“Lots of times, the visual arts are left over unto the side, and people are not aware that we have wonderful artists in this community whose work has never been seen by others,” said Ernest Garcia, curator of the gallery.

When this permanent collection is no longer in exhibition, other groups or organizations will have the opportunity to exhibit their work.

This venue will be open every Saturday, noon to 5 p.m., until March.

The Latino Artist Association will be the next venue on the schedule and will be available for six to seven weeks to be viewed by the community.

There is no other art gallery in San Bernardino for artists to exhibit their work, therefore, community support and awareness is urged.

Great appreciation for the building, originally a limousine repair shop, was given throughout the night, but praise was also given to the individual art.

Guests took a look at what San Bernardino artist have created over the decades and were thankful that there is now a venue in downtown San Bernardino to go to, bringing flavor to their lives.

“I think it’s so important because we’re very culturally deprived here and any type of attempt to bring this kind of thing to this area is just wonderful,” said Marguerite Garth, who is an Inland Empire artist and has won 19 awards this year for her artwork.

The importance of visual arts was what Garcia had on his agenda to get across.

“I got a t-shirt the other day that said Earth,” said Garcia. “Now if you take ‘A’-'R’-'T’ out of Earth, what you have left is ‘EH!’ So, art is the central part of our life.”

For more information about the National Orange Show Art Gallery you can call (909) 888-6788.

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