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Project Fighting Chance

Group gives Perris Hill a “Fighting Chance”

(SAN BERNARDINO – Perris Hill Park) Project Fighting Chance was one of several organizations helping bring life back into Perris Hill Park on Sept. 10 for San Bernardino’s Beautification Partnership clean up.

By Amanda Elmer (Producer/Photograper/Videographer), Erick Ledezma (Videographer) & MaryRone Shell (Videographer)

During the Beautification project, Project Fighting Chance had volunteers to help spruce up their new building with cleaning, painting and yard work.

Project Fighting Chance’s goal is to help those who have been in trouble or just have gone down the wrong path.

Co-founder and CEO of Project Fighting Chance reinforces their motto, “Project Fighting Chance, Giving our youth a fighting chance,” to let everyone know that this program is for the community.

Some programs they strongly support are in prevention and intervention. Prevention would include athletics, while intervention would help those who have been in trouble with parole, drugs, alcohol and more.

“[Prevention is to] get the youth in something before they get in the streets,” said Franklin.

The program is looking for volunteers to be apart of something so positive for the community. They will be trying to work with several organization, specifically Cal State San Bernardino, for tutoring volunteers.

“We need any type of mentors or big brothers, because I’m dealing with a lot of kids from single parent homes,” adds Franklin.

For more information on Project Fighting Chance, for general or volunteer information, contact Ian Franklin at (909) 496-6029 or email him at CEOfightingchance@yahoo.com.

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