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1st Presbyterian Church gives Perris Hill Park some beauty

(SAN BERNARDINO – Perris Hill Park) Parks are among the top areas that the city of San Bernardino want to improve throughout its city.

By Amanda Elmer (Producer/Writer/Editor) & Erick Ledezma (Videographer/Photographer)

During the Beautification City-wide Partnership on Sept. 10, the 1st Presbyterian Church of San Bernardino chose to help makeover Perris Hill Park.

The park was in need of new plants and flowers, an irrigation system and touch up painting throughout the park.

Irrigation was being installed that same day and would be ready to water the newly planted floral arrangements within two weeks.

“One of the reasons we came out was because if you look around the park you can see areas that are not maintained,” said Dan Cox, member of the 1st Presbyterian Church of San Bernardino. “The reason they’re not maintained is because there’s not enough personnel and money to take care of everything that needs to be taken care of in the city.”

Stephani Congdon, who is also a member of the church, encourages people to keep their city clean by just simply picking up any kind of trash they come across wherever they go.

If you’d like to join the 1st Presbyterian Church of San Bernardino in their efforts to keep the city’s beautification an ongoing project, visit their location at 1900 N. D Street or visit their website at www.fpcsb.net.

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  1. sandy
    Posted October 28, 2011 at 11:04 am | #

    Wow! Hooray for First Pres, and hooray for our city inviting those of us who live here to pitch in and make a difference!

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